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New Climbing Activities

Eric has been mountaineering a lot lately. He climbed Mt. Whitney in winter via the mountaineers route and went on a two week expedition in Chile! Check out the adventures page for pics

Running a marathon for no reason

Eric is out of shape (too much beer and good eating...) and so he will try to run a marathon 2 months from now. It is the surfers path marathon in Santa Cruz, CA. He is going to need all the luck he can get! Check out the adventures page for pics after May 21!

Sailing across the pacific ocean... and more!

Eric has successfully sailed across the pacific ocean (Kauai to SF) in 21 days (3200 miles!). He also attempted to summit Mt. Shasta in one day. Had to turn around around a few hundred feet from the top :( But he made up for it by camping on the Napali coast in Kauai for a week! And had many mountain biking and camping trips in Big Sur, Stanislaus and all over California. Check out the adventures page for pics and videos!

Eric is a systems engineer!

Since September 2014, Eric has been working as a systems engineer at small (yet growing) telecommunications company that focuses on research and development of optical and photonic commnication and sensing systems for all sorts of applications. He gets to do cool stuff on awesome projects with amazing people!

BRO MOD has finally arrived!!!! Check it out!

BRO MOD is feature length skateboarding film by the legendary Mitch Ragusi. It features some awesome athletes such as Paz, Casey, Meat, Anos, Reubes, Dylan, Colin, Toshiro, Slimon and many more! MeaT and I share a part which starts at the 28th minute. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and get ready to be blown away!

Eric Has Taken a Position at LBNL!

Eric is working with Dr. Alexei Federov on a new beam line at the Advanced Light Source in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. We will building a new end station for spin-ARPES!! Spin-ARPES is similiar to ARPES except for now we can determine the spin of the photoelectrons ejected from the samples. This position is for the summer and so he will only be contributing his efforts to the setup and construction of the detector/end station. Learn more about ARPES via the research page and stay tune for updates on the project!

Eric Graduated from UC Santa Cruz!!

On June 15th 2014, Eric Joseph Reichwein graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BS in Physics with University Honors and Highest Honors in the major. The last requirement to get his degree ws to write a thesis. He has spent the last year and a half working with Gey-Hong Gweon studying topoloical states of Bi2Se3. Check out his thesis titled: A Complete Analysis of the Intrinsic Properties of the Topological States in Bi2Se3 By Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy in the topological insulator section of the research page. I hope someone out there might find it interesting or find some use of it!

Physics 116A and 134 Resources!

Check out the Physics 116A and the Physics 134 resources on the courses page! For Physics 134 (Advanced Lab) I posted first drafts and second drafts with explanations of my improvements for the first two labs (XRF and ESR) and the only draft of the XRD lab. For Physics 116A (mathematical methods) I posted a practice midterm that covers series, complex algebra and analysis, and special functions. I will work on a final, but the Professor's is really good and better to study from than mine (he makes the test!). Also, note 116B's resources have some random (handwritten) solutions to Boas Chapters 8,9,14. Good luck to everyone!

Lottery Prediction Program!

I am currently working on a lottery number prediction system using Scipy. I know that sounds absurd. Well it is. I am doing it just for the heck of it (and to improve my web development skills). The program will automatically run every time winning lottery numbers are updated, and I will check them against my programs predicted numbers. I am not going to buy tickets, just see if my numbers ever match. I hope to make an interactive platform some day for users to easily go through the previous numbers and data. Here are the rules for the Powerball. The odds of winning the grand prize are 1:175,223,510. Good luck!!

Support Skateistan!

Why Skateboarding?

New Video, Old Footage

Filmed and edited by Matthew Schmidt. Guest appearance by Moose, Angel Saucedo, John Jarvis Longyear. Song is some Whitney Houston classic.

2D Band Structure Calculation

Band Structures from Eric R on Vimeo.

This is a 2D band structure calculation. As the movie plays we are seeing energy bands of increasing band number (energy). This was part of the homework in physics 231: Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics taught by Professor Josh Deutsch. You find other cool simulations and programs by clicking the programming link.

Bro Mod Promo! Video Dropping Soon

Physics 6C Spring 2013: Introductory Physics III

I am excited to be the MSI learning assistant for physics 6C 2013. I have set up the physics reources web page to be as useful and convenient for the all of you. As I make new resources I will upload them to the physics 5C/6C section. Just a heads up: This quarter is probably the most important for physics 6 course you will take. I know this doesn't say much to all the Bio and other non-physics majors but I assure you its true. All Biological processes can be explained using physics. Some of which you will learn in this course. Here is a great description of the elctrostatic force in DNA replication. The paper is HERE(broken link sorry!) , and here are some applications at the University of Washington St. Louis. This an extra section in Douglas Giancoli's Intro to Physics textbook (chapter 21 section 12). Giancoli is probably the best intro physics text since Haliday and Resnick, in my honest opinion. REMEMBER that this is a simplified model. DNA replication is a quantum mechanical process at it's core and cannot be considered classically. But then again biology is not my strong point. Biologists help a physicist out please.

And God said..

I thoroughly enjoyed tutoring the physics 6 series. You guys are awesome! Enjoy your summer break! And to those who are graduating Congratulations!!!!

Physics 5B 2013: Introductory Physics II

This was a fantastic quarter! Everyone worked really hard. Now it is time to go enjoy spring break! I wish it were more than a week long since y'all put so much effort into this course (You deserve like a month of spring break). It is a really import course as wave mechanics is basically quantum mechanics. All resources are posted in the Physics 5B section in the physics courses page.

Physics 5A 2012: Introductory Physics I

Good work everyone! You guys deserve a restful winter break after a tough first quarter of physics. All resources (plus some extra ones) are posted in the Physics 5A resource section.

About Eric

Eric is currently a systems engineer at an awesome telecommunications company. He received his Bachelors of Science in Physics with Highest Honors from University of California Santa Cruz in June of 2014. His research at UC Santa Cruz was focused on experimental condensed matter physics and materials science. Specifically, he studied topological insulators using angle-resolved photoemission spsectroscopy to map the eletronic structure through momentum and energy distributed curves. From that raw data collected at Stanford's Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource he utilized extremely-correlated Fermi-Liquid Theory to model the dispersion relation and electorn-phonon coupling coefficient with trememendous accuracy. You can read about this work in his thesis on this website. After that he did a short stint at Lawrence Berkeley Labs designing and building a spin and angle resolved photoemission endstation the LBL Advanced Light Source. After that he ventured into the (semi) private sector to work on complex laser systems for a defense contractor.

This website is built using mainly HTML/CSS with some PHP, Python and JavaScript. Eric likes science, mathematics, skateboarding, surfing, mountaineering, traveling, biking, programming, eating, electronics, sleeping, beers (including his own brew, appropriately named Reichweiser and ReichweIPA, more coming soon), and listening to music (he has as much musical talent as nails on a chalkboard). Here you can find physics resources, skateboarding pictures, more skateboard pictures and video 's, awesome adventure pictures and videos, and much more. Eric is the creator of this web page, so yes Eric is typing this sentence. I bounce around between first and third person. Don't ask me why because I don't know. Eric showcases some of his skateboarding here because skateboarding is pure physics. He does not do any tricks without first drawing a free body diagram, labeling all the forces, and applying Newton's Laws. For more technical maneuvers he uses Hamiltonian mechanics. Feel free to contact him at his email ereichwe at gmail dot com. By the way, I know there are a lot of typos! Sorry!

Best photo of me and my dad. At Machu Picchu, 2010

Me and Diana in Costa Rica 2013.
Eric Reichwein, Pole-jam Drop
Photo by Splies
Richard Feynman
Photo by caltech
Eric Reichwein, 50-50 Pull In at Potrero
Photo by Splies
Space Shuttle Program
Photo courtesy of NASA and SDAS
Eric - Frontside 50-50
Photo by Plubble

Best comic, straight up: XKCD
Eric Reichwein, Front 5-0, Berkeley
Photo by Splies

Great Portrait of Computer Wizard Donald Knuth.
He, along with Dennis Ritchie and Alan Turing
are my CS idols.